Alliant Consulting is proud to be one of Southern California’s premier third party Labor Compliance companies. We have earned and maintained this reputation through our dedication to successful State and Federal Labor Compliance oversight, having enforced prevailing wage law on behalf of public agencies since 2003. Our experienced staff is highly involved in the construction field and is kept up to date on ever changing prevailing wage laws which aids us in our goal to keep public agencies and contractors in full compliance.

Alliant Consulting, Inc. is proud to be WBE, DBE, and SBE certified. It is our mission to provide successful Prevailing Wage Labor Compliance monitoring and enforcement through education, accuracy and efficiency – partnering with public agencies, contractors and subcontractors to ensure full compliance with all State and Federal prevailing wage laws.


For Public Agencies receiving public funding, we offer the State and Federally approved Labor Compliance monitoring and enforcement services to ensure full prevailing wage project compliance. Since 2003, we have successfully completed over two thousand projects with over 65 public agencies, collecting over $3.4 million in back wages owed to workers and over $2.9 million in penalties.


Our primary goal is to enforce prevailing wage law and ensure compliance. One way we can do this is to educate contractors and subcontractors working on public works projects as prevailing wage law is very confusing and always changing. Alliant Consulting offers workshops and training to contractors who are interested in learning about prevailing wages, how to stay in full compliance and to avoid costly penalties.


  • Cities
  • Counties
  • School Districts
  • Housing Authorities
  • Transit Authorities
  • Airport Authorities
  • Water/Utility Agencies
  • Park Agencies
  • CM & Design/Build Firms
  • Developers

At Alliant Consulting we take a proactive approach to prevailing wage compliance, educating contractors and public agencies alike to ensure full compliance on both sides are met.

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