Alliant Consulting understands the importance of enforcing proper labor compliance on all projects, including those with State Prevailing Wage or Federal Davis-Bacon requirements. Alliant Consulting encourages a team approach for the implementation and enforcement of prevailing wage law, working in concert with the staff of the public agency and contractor/subcontractor representatives to ensure the applicable legal requirements for both sides are met. Our experience with all types of bonding and requirements of Proposition 50, 55, 84, CMU, CDBG, HOME, HUD, LIHTC, TCAC, NSP and other bond or funding programs is extensive on all levels of construction.

Since Labor Compliance Programs were introduced on April 1, 2003, Alliant Consulting has been successfully monitoring and enforcing labor compliance on thousands of projects within Southern California including airports, cities, counties, schools, transit authorities, water utilities, hospitals and housing projects. Alliant Consulting Labor Compliance Consulting Services can help solve the problems that many Agencies face in all aspects of the labor compliance process from concept to completion in their construction projects, ensuring full compliance throughout.

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