Labor Compliance Oversight for Awarding Agencies, Developers, CM and Engineering Firms

Mitigate Risk and Exposure by providing Monitoring and Enforcement of Labor Compliance requirements

Providing On-Site Labor Compliance Training

Skilled & Trained Workforce Oversight

SB 96 Compliance Management

AB 1701 Compliance Management

Proposition 84 Labor Compliance Program Development & Enforcement

Bid Package and Contracts Language Support

Document Submission Support Management

DBE Compliance Oversight

What We Do for Awarding Agencies:

Alliant Consulting offers State and Federally approved Labor Compliance monitoring and enforcement services to ensure full prevailing wage project compliance. Since 2003, we have successfully completed over two thousand projects with over 75 awarding agencies, developers, CM & Engineering Firms, collecting over $3.4 million in back wages owed to workers and over $2.9 million in penalties.

What We Do for Contractors:

Our primary goal is to enforce prevailing wage law and ensure compliance on public and private construction projects. One way we accomplish this to educate contractors and subcontractors working on public works projects as prevailing wage law can be very confusing and always changing. Alliant Consulting offers workshops and training to contractors who are interested in learning about prevailing wages, how to stay in full compliance and how to avoid costly penalties.


Alliant Consulting has provided successful prevailing wage oversight on over 900 projects to date with 18 different California cities and counties. Work performed for city and county clients has included complex projects at hospitals, jails, libraries, police and fire stations and administration buildings.


With 15 years of labor compliance experience with California public school districts, Alliant is proud to have worked with 29 districts to date. Our oversight has included projects of all kinds including maintenance, repair, modernization and new construction on over one thousand school projects.


Alliant Consulting is proud to provide prevailing wage oversight for 8 different public housing agencies and developers using public funds for low-income, homeless and veterans housing. Alliant Consulting also has experience with transit authorities, providing compliance services for airports, bus stations and transportation centers.


Alliant has extensive experience with public utility agencies whose projects include work on pumps, pipes, wells, reservoirs and treatment plants for water and public utilities in communities all over Southern California.

Contractors, CM & Engineering Firms

Alliant Consulting works with construction management firms who have been awarded public contracts to ensure prevailing wage laws are being followed by all contractors. Additionally, Alliant Consultants provides prevailing wage training and workshops for contractors interested in understanding the laws and liabilities that come with them.


Alliant Consulting is proud to have partnered with local agencies and non-profit organizations to provide labor compliance services on private projects that have received some sort of public funding. These projects have included shelter homes, YMCA’s and conservation non-profit groups.